What I’m doing now

A now page?

Yes, a /now1 page. As none of you may know, I’ve deleted all social media apps from my phone earlier this year except LinkedIn, but I still feel like I’m kinda obligated to leave bread crumbs as to what I’m up to, so yeah, a now page. Think of it as Facebook on tranquilizers, with posts that only come once or twice a year.

Japan is inspiring

Four days in Osaka and a day in Kyoto was all it took to get me hooked. All the delicacies ending in “yaki(燒)”, the magnificent temples, the courteous customer service, the magical wonder that is Universal Studios. Heck the Super Nintendo World entrance theme music is still playing in the back of my head. The experience was so delightful that it inspired me to consider learning Japanese out of appreciation.

One year in Seidor

May 15th marked my one-year anniversary at SEIDOR as a backend engineer. I went from being absolutely oblivious to what SAP Commerce is to realizing that I’ll probably never understand its entirety! Nevertheless, I did learn a ton about defensive coding practices in Java and how to debug more efficiently with Kibana and IntelliJ’s Java debugger. Hopefully, this will enable me to bring down staging a little less often and bring it back to life quicker if I do. Shout out to my amazing colleagues for making work that much more enjoyable.

A break from mobile gaming

After hitting Infinite on Marvel Snap for the first time, and considering how unlucky I’ve been with the recent banners on Honkai Star Rails, I feel like I’ve reached a good place to drop both games and take a break from mobile gaming. This isn’t to say I’m quitting mobile games, but I feel like it’s a good opportunity to allocate more time to other aspects of my life, and then come back when an update or some other flashy games catch my attention.



Currently Playing

  • Super Mario Wonder

Currently Reading

  • The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer
  • 人氣名店的絕品麻婆豆腐技術 translated by 黃詩婷

Last updated: 2024-05-23

  1. Inspired by Derek Sivers, cheers! Check out others’ /now at nownownow.com↩︎